Hi, I’m Zygmunt

I have co-written and managed over 2500 articles on crypto/defi/blockchain between 2017-2021. A whitepaper is my bedtime story. Crypto news is something I live and breathe.

My mission is to separate crypto projects with solid vision and execution from the ongoing flood of frauds and scams. When I do my research, I dig deep and ask crypto founders tough questions.

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Interviewing Brendan Eich

CEO of BAT and Brave/ Creator of Java Script / ex Mozilla Firefox CEO


Interviewing Kris Marszalek

Founder of Crypto.com


Interviewing Colin Cantrell

Founder of Nexus (NXS)

My Work – Reports and Analysis


Binance Coin (BNB)

3600 words


iExec (RLC)

3500 words


Civic (CVC)

3600 words


Kyber Network KNC

3950 words


0x Protocol (ZRX)

5000 words



2050 words


I’m Zygmunt Biela, born and raised Poland – a country with one of the most difficult languages in the world.


I move fast. Met with Brendan Eich in person to interview him at Brave HQs in San Francisco, then flew to London to interview Colin Cantrell from Nexus and later on helped him to organize a conference in Warsaw. In late 2018 I decided to drop my high-paying job in Poland and moved to Thailand to write for investinblockchain.com (IIB) to get my skin in the crypto game even more.


Shortly after joining IIB I’ve become the COO thanks to 5 years of internet marketing experience combined with a passion for blockchain tech. In under 5 months I was able to cut the staff in half, nearly double the traffic, introduced a new branding for images and website styling which helped the company to stand out among other cryptocurrency news outlets.


Aside from my Polish and English proficiency, my 3rd language is German on a C1 level. All these 3 languages serve me well establishing new connections and hitting a wider audience.


Always hungry for more.

Let’s work together!


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Company number 09061313

31 Altfinch Close, Liverpool, England, L14 8YQ